On time desk clock, brown

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On time desk clock, brown photo
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Cube-shaped desk clock coming with following functions : hour, date, temperature and 3 alarm modes. The clock can blow your mind with quite unique solutions. When in battery saving economy mode the display is inactive, but just touch the clock or clap your hands and it will come alive and do all its duties. It runs on 3 AAA batteries ( not included) or USB cable coming with it.


engraving L2 - on top, 1 colours
engraving L5 - on top, 1 colours
tampo print A3 - on top, 4 colours
full color UV U1 - on top, 1 colours
full color UV U2 - on top (max 20 cm2), 1 colours

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64.0x64.0x62.0 mm